kriringa - 365 [cont'd]

A picture per day, simple as that.

9/19: Empty at 4:30am. Got here a lot earlier than I realized haha. Excited to get on a flight for non-work purposes!! (at Oakland International Airport)

9/18: Too busy to take a picture haha

9/17: Lulz!

9/16: Trying to get back in the swing of things

9/15: Damn, got tagged lol

9/14: Bike ride from SF to Sausalito..

9/13: Trying to start off my weekend in a healthy way!

9/12: Picking babe up from the airport

9/11: Starting off my “Friday” in a good mood. Good to note - never forget.

9/10: Bringing my lunch to a Mexican restaurant. lol

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