kriringa - 365 [cont'd]

A picture per day, simple as that.

8/31: Sums up my 36 hours in Sac.

8/30: Paint night!

8/29: Post gym meal

8/28: Starting off the weekend with a near heart attack. Cheeseburger covered by a glazed donut. #nofilter (at Straw SF)

8/27: Neighbor time

8/26: Catch up 1

8/25: Third one down

8/24: Magat

8/23: Stanford

8/22: Teehee. Subtle change. Thank you so much @salsaqueen! Not only did the color turn out well (because Asians should not have orange hair…) but my hair is feeling oh-so-soft and healthy! #healthyhair #ombre

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