kriringa - 365 [cont'd]

A picture per day, simple as that.

7/13: Real talk from a nail salon

7/12: Din Tai Fung in Glendale!

7/11: What up, Pasadena

7/10: Happy birthday @justmui!!! 😊 I love you & those streamers are not at all indicative of what’s ahead lol. Plus brownie points to @perrysane @keibella @samg0z @jhelium to all the prep work put into this surprise!

7/9: Surprise in the making!

7/8: Need coffee. And wine.

7/7: Leaving for the night

7/6: Making chocolate covered strawberries for a coworker as a thank-you-for-helping-me-with-my-fete-costume present. There were a lot more, but I ate all the rejects 😋😜 #latenightstomachache

7/5: The irony & ensuing lulz

7/4: Homemade Filipino noms 😍

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