kriringa - 365 [cont'd]

A picture per day, simple as that.

4/19: Turnt up!!!
…At the gym. hahaha

4/18: Early, short, ass-kicking and def rewarding practice tonight.
Marilou: What do you think?
Hiro: It was good.
No, wait, it’s never good.
Marilou: Because you always have to work harder.
#truth #tepura

4/17: Watch your love grow

4/16: Does the salad make the meal somewhat healthy?

4/15: Lunchtime BBQ noms

4/14: So busy that I forgot to snap a picture!

4/13: Good riddance, Elan

4/12: Goodnight, San Francisco

4/11: Entering SOMA

4/10: Catchup with a friend and her babies

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